3 Facts To Know About Gynecomastia Cosmetic Surgery?

Quick Facts To Know About Gynecomastia Cosmetic Surgery?

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 First and foremost, one needs to understand the basic difference between the forms of true and false gynecomastia in order to plan out the best surgical plan for ultimate cure. True condition of male boobs happens because of the development of glandular tissue located underneath the pectoral muscles. The false form, on the other hand happens because of simple accumulation of fat contents around the male chest region. Therefore, one must not go for a wrong treatment which leads a candidate to undergo other medical complications.

Facts To Know About The Surgical Techniques:

Based upon the contributing factors of the male boob formation, there are basically two types of surgical technique. Aesthetic surgeons usually prefer to execute standard fat reduction procedure if the developed male breasts are caused because of the formation of fatty tissues in a candidate’s chest region. If the expert identifies excess glandular tissues and skin to be the reason behind the condition, an excision or removal technique is used for the cure. During this technique, a candidate’s nipple may need to be repositioned or reduced if required.

What Are The Surgical Risks?

Usually, risks of male breast reduction surgery are minimal but just like any other cosmetic surgery; it also comes up with certain risks and complications. It mainly involves certain changes to a candidate’s nipple’s sensation and appearance, damages caused to muscle, nerve and blood vessels , deep vein thrombosis, infection and allergies at the surgical site, scarring, bruising, swelling.

However, all these surgical risks are quite common after any aesthetic procedure and a candidate can easily get rid of all these after listening to the instructions given by the surgeons, consuming the prescribed medicines and taking proper rest and care after the surgery is over.

After all, gynecomastia is also a cosmetic surgery which doesn’t provide a candidate with instant result and a candidate has to give the procedure enough time in order to show up the final outcome. Though the recovery span majorly varies from one person to another, it minimally takes six to eight weeks. Once the surgery is over, a candidate is sent home with compression dressing and bandages which are applied to the surgical site in order to support the new chest contour and reduce swelling. In some cases, a drain is also necessary to prevent fluids or blood from pooling under the candidate’s skin.

Knowing About The Surgical Results:

In most of the cases, surgical results are permanent while some of the candidates might need “touch up” session over the passing course of time. However, a candidate has to maintain the final outcome of the procedure just like the fat reduction surgeries. The surgical effect might become less permanent if a candidate’s body gains volume.

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