Can Gynecomastia Come Back Even After The Surgery?

Can Gynecomastia Come Back Even After The Surgery?

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  Overly developed man boobs frequently affect how a man gets dressed and presents himself in front of the world. But the surgical procedure of reducing male breasts could be one’s ultimate savior for creating a masculine appearance of the chest region.

However, before going for the surgical procedure, one needs to know the underlying factors which are causing the enhancement of male chest region. There are lots of potential culprits which can cause the condition and few of them are listed below:

Why Should A Candidate Know About The Causes Of Gynecomastia?

The surgical procedure of reducing man boobs usually produces permanent and life-changing outcomes. But one needs to identify the underlying cause of the condition in order to find out the best possible way of minimizing it and eliminate the chances of the recurrences. Consumption of anabolic steroids, significant weight gain, hormonal imbalances, certain medications, significant weight gain, chronic usage of marijuana are all the factors which can increase the risk of enlarged man boobs. Therefore, one needs to balance his lifestyle so that the chances can be prevented.

Factors Which May Cause Man Boobs To Reoccur:

If the earlier cause of man boobs enlargement was the chronic usages of marijuana and the patient has not eliminated the usages drastically even after the surgery, the chances of getting man boobs back are high.

In addition to it, if the previous cause of male boobs was a medical issue like pituitary or adrenal tumor which has been left untreated even after the gynecomastia surgery, the chances of getting enhanced man boobs are still there.

Apart from these, if a person gains excessive weight after the surgery, his chest region can get swelled up due to simple fat accumulation. If the previous surgery was done to aspire out the fat cells beneath the chest muscle, remaining fat cells have a chance to grow bigger. Along with that, significant weight gain may also make way for the accumulation of new fat cells in both the treated and untreated areas.

The Lasting Effect Of Man Boobs Surgery:

For most of the men who are experiencing overly developed male breasts, this surgery is the only method to address it fully. Fortunately, in most of the treatment cases, this surgical procedure has been able to leave permanent results. But as it is said before, only the surgery of male boobs won’t be enough, one needs to address the underlying factors as well.

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