Gynecomastia Male Breast Reduction

Gynecomastia Male Breast Reduction

Gynecomastia surgery cost in hyderabad

Gynecomastia surgery cost

Gynecomastia surgery cost in kukatpally

Gynecomastia Surgery in Rawalpindi or Male bosom development (man boobs) is exceptionally regular , particularly in jocks. This issue for the most part begins in young and bosom estimate as a rule keeps on developing. It makes social humiliation , powerlessness to change the shirt in broad daylight, or wear T shirts or swim. At that point they depend on eating less junk food or different activities to determine this issue yet with no impact. As a result of essence of developed bosom organs which can’t run with lifting weights or exercise.*

Reasons for Gynecomastia (Male boobs)

In the vast majority of the cases , no reason can be found. while different cases

Prohibited medications particularly taken by muscle heads

Hormonal Problems

Certain prescriptions particularly for hypertension

Liver and Kidney ailments

Step by step instructions to expel man boobs, Male boobs or Gynecomastia

How to evacuate (diminish) man boobs or Gynecomastia? it is dealt with will be with medical procedure called male bosom diminishment. Gynecomastia medical procedure comprises of liposuction and organ expulsion. Liposuction evacuates the greasy part while organ expulsion is finished with help of cut around areola.

Gynecomastia Surgery (Male boobs medical procedure)

Most instances of Gynecomastia (man boobs, male boobs) require careful treatment. Just couple of cases which happen inside couple of months can be revised with treatment of basic causes *. Method is likewise called male bosom decrease, Standard treatment is finished by plastic specialists which comprise of

a) Liposuction

b) Gland evacuation

Dr Ysir , Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon is very much prestigious for gynecomastia Surgery in Lahore Pakistan. He performs the greater part of these medical procedures in nearby anesthesia. Medical procedure in neighborhood anesthesia prompts brisk recuperation and no need of healing facility remain after medical procedure in many patients. Man boob Surgery takes normal around 90 to 120 minutes. After male boob medical procedure or male bosom diminishment, barely any scar is noticeable in light of its legitimate situation at intersection of areola and skin.*

*these are general succession of occasions, not ensured in each patient.


After male boob medical procedure , pressure article of clothing is worn , which is required for 4 to a month and a half least. It lessens swelling , oedema and enlivens recovery*. Last outcomes may take a half year.

Gynecomastia Surgery cost In hyderabad

Gynecomastia medical procedure cost in hyderabad , Lahore around 80 thousand to 1 lac 30 thousands. Be that as it may, we offer this medical procedure at marked down rates of just 45 thousands in nearby anesthesia. While if u pick General anesthesia then Gynecomastia medical procedure cost might associate with 70 thousand even that is not as much as normal for most plastic and restorative medical procedure facilities.

Symptoms of man boobs Surgery

Male boobs medical procedure or Gyno chest medical procedure is exceptionally sheltered under prepared hands of Plastic specialist


Haematoma or minor blood gathering.

These issues can be effortlessly handled

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