How To Deal With Your Gynecomastia ? (update)

How To Deal With Your Gynecomastia ?

If you suffer from pseudo-gynecomastia (the most common form of male gynecomastia), the good news is, you can deal with this problem yourself. There is no need for expensive surgery.

For those of you that do not know, pseudo-gynecomastia is excess fatty tissue that is often found behind a male’ nipple area. Often men that are overweight have a bulging stomach and some possess breasts. The breasts are not hard in nature, just excessive fat that can be removed.

So how do you go about getting rid of pseudo-gynecomastia? The following tips if followed should reduce your male breasts.

1. Cut down on drinking alcohol. Men who drink excessive alcohol have a good chance of developing breasts. Alcohol increases estrogen hormone levels in the body, so developing male breasts should not come as a surprise. Have you ever noticed excessive beer drinking men? The classic beer belly and often male breasts are common.

How To Deal With Your Gynecomastia ?

2. What does your diet consist of? If it is greasy fast foods, and junk food in general then getting rid of your male gynecomastia problem will be difficult. Cutting down on ‘bad fats’ is important. Even over eating healthy foods such as oatmeal will convert excessive carbohydrates in your body to fat. The best way to tackle excess fat in the body is to eat small healthy meals throughout the day. There is no getting away from the fact that ‘you are what you eat’! By eating healthy, you will start tapping into your excess fat to be used as energy and when that happens, you lose weight and that includes weight from your chest. Drinking plenty of water throughout the day also keeps blood sugar levels under control and keeps the body’s metabolism rate up.

3. Cardiovascular training before breakfast promotes fat loss. You must have heard that running on an empty stomach first thing in the morning is good, but why? It’s quite simple really, you use the stored fat in your body as energy. The body uses carbohydrates primarily as a source of energy, but when it is unable to find any, it looks for alternatives, and fat is then used as fuel. When you have an empty stomach the only energy source in your body is fat. If you start cardiovascular training first thing in the morning, you will notice excess body weight coming off.

4. Resistance training works! If you really want to accelerate the loss of fat in your chest, lifting weights is a good idea. Weight training for men is good, because it allows the body to naturally release testosterone, decrease fat and allow for muscle growth. You can do more chest exercises such as bench press, dumbbell presses to target the chest and promote firmness. Start doing press ups. If you can only manage 1 or 2 that’s fine. Just start incorporating this into your daily routine.

5. Have you heard of male gynecomastia supplements? There are supplements specifically targeted for losing male breasts. It is important to check out whether the herbal supplements produce the results they claim to

A popular male gynecomastia natural

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