Important Facts To Know About Gynecomastia And Possible Surgery?

Important Facts To Know About Gynecomastia And Possible Surgery?

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 Is The Condition Life Threatening?As per most of the medical experts, gynecomastia is not life threatening at least for 99.9% cases since this condition doesn’t come up with an immediate health risks. Most of the cases of enhanced male breasts, diagnosed in men happen due to the hormonal imbalance or excess fat accumulation and both the condition can be cured. Having said that, very few instances of male breast are caused sues to serious underlying conditions such as tumor.

However, this condition puts a deep impact on a candidate’s aesthetic appearance in such a way that one tends to lose his self-confidence, lacks interest in social gatherings, participating in any sports or physical activities and most importantly, a boy, having female-like- breasts appearance, also gets bullied and ridiculed among peers. In order to eliminate both the physical and psychological ailments, a candidate must seek the expert’s advice as soon as possible.

Identifying The True Form Of The Condition:

Not all breast enlargements in men are characterized as true form of male breasts. Before digging deep into other aspects of the condition, one needs to understand the difference between pseudogynecomastia and the true condition of male breast enlargement. One of the common misconceptions is that all breast enhancements in men are caused due to the result of the growth of breast gland tissues. In the true case of developed breast gland tissues, the growth of breast tissues under and around a candidate’s areola and nipple creates the outer appearance of breast enlargement. However, as it is said before, all the breast enhancement cases are not caused by the gland tissue development.

Gynecomastia surgery cost in hyderabad

There is another common cause of male breast formation and that is the excess accumulation of stubborn pectoral fat contents around a candidate’s areola and nipple region and thereby the visual appearance of enhanced male breasts gets created. If the condition has been caused by pectoral fat accumulation, one should adapt proper fitness and diet plan at first in order to shed down the excess weight. If none of the non-surgical fat reduction procedure is working for a candidate, one must go for the surgical procedure of male breast reduction which helps to eliminate the excess fat tissues accumulated around the male chest region.

The true form of male breast, on the other hand, is usually caused because of the excess growth of breast gland tissues and this condition usually affects men from any group and the candidate’s breast tissue becomes swollen because of an imbalance in the estrogen and testosterone in his body.

Usually, in men, testosterone happens to be the dominant hormone and it controls all the masculine traits such as muscle growth and appearance of body hair.

Potential Symptoms Of This Condition:

The first symptom of this condition is having a lump of breast tissue under the nipple and in some cases; it might come up with breast tenderness and sensitivity. Some candidates also experience the areola growing in diameter. Rarely, a candidate experiences any pain around the breast region and the enlargement may affect both the breasts and only one. In some of the cases, a candidate might also experience asymmetry between both the breasts.

Gynecomastia surgery cost in hyderabad

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Besides the above mentioned reasons, there are certain lifestyle habits which also contribute to the formation of male breasts. For instance, excess consumption of alcohol, drugs, and tobacco substances often triggers up the condition. Use of certain herbal remedies such and tea tree oil, lavender oil has also been linked with the condition of breast swelling.

Whatever the reason be, treating the condition is very important at the right moment and one must speak for the condition instead of hiding it from the entire world. Determining the true condition is only possible after having an initial session of consultation with a male breast reduction expert. One must not overlook the need of choosing the most efficient and well-skilled surgical expert when it comes to eliminate the unwanted condition of enhanced male breasts.

In the field of cosmetology, the number of surgical clinics and the surgical experts are increasing by leaps and bounds with the passing course of time. Therefore, finding out the best gynecomastia surgeon gets a bit tricky for a candidate. Contact the aesthetic experts of Harley Body Clinic who have been dealing with the gynecomastia surgical procedure for quite a long now.

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