What Are The Causes – male breast symtoms 2019

It is caused by excessive fat accumulation surrounding male chest which initiates enlarged male boobs that is similar to the symptom of developed breast gland tissue. Sometimes, there is a moderate presence of glandular tissues in cases of male breasts caused by simple fat accumulation.

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What Are The Causes?

Abnormally developed man boobs can occur due to different kinds of reasons including hormone imbalances during puberty or any phase of life. Most commonly, male boobs are the result of increased level of estrogen in relation to the level of testosterone in human body. Other than that, consumption of certain illegal drugs and alcohol can also lead one to become a candidate of this condition. Researches and surveys found that using tropical products like lavender and tea tree oil also has a link with the development of man breast. Often athletes and bodybuilders consuming anabolic steroids may develop the symptoms of this condition.

Lifestyle Habits Which Cause This Condition:

If a person is experiencing both obesity and male breasts, he needs to start following an exercise and diet program which can eliminate the excess weight. If enlarged breast is a result of simple fat accumulation, losing weight might help one to get rid of it. After losing weight one might have loose skin which can be removed by surgical procedure in order to decrease the appearance of man boobs.

However, in the case of developed male breast which is caused by the imbalance of glandular tissues, one might have to change few lifestyle habits. Consuming foods which are high in soy (enriched with female hormone estrogen) can lead one to develop glandular breast tissues. Sometimes, getting rid of soy consumption is enough to solve the issue of enlarged male breast.

Treatment Of This Condition:

The only way to deal with gynecomastia is treating the underlying cause of this condition which is usually the hormone imbalance. After treating the hormone imbalance correctly, one notices significant improvement in the condition within a short span of time. Hormone imbalances can be caused by the intake of wrong medication which needs to be replaced with an alternative which won’t mess up with body’s internal system. Within a couple of years, male boobs tend to shrink away automatically once the hormone level gets stabilized.

Each candidate comes up with different underlying causes which will determine the treatment. There are times when therapist advices a candidate to opt for the treatment of liposuction which can aspire out unwanted fat tissues from the chest region and contour the muscles. Other than that, chest gland removal surgery can also be performed along with advanced VASER hi def liposuction which provides body sculpted look.

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