What Are The Possible Ways To Treat The Condition Of Gynecomastia?

What Are The Possible Ways To Treat The Condition Of Gynecomastia?

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While this condition can happen at any age of a man’s life, majority of the candidates get it during the age span between 50 and 69. At least thirty percent of men in this age group have the condition of enlarged male breasts. According to some medical survey and research, older men are at an increased risk because of the increased possibilities of hormone deficiency and few of them have the daily habits of consuming prescribed drugs such as anti-androgens and certain heart medications.

Gynecomastia surgery cost in hyderabad

Gynecomastia surgery cost

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Apart from the elderly persons, adolescent boys are also prone to face the condition of gynecomastia although many of such cases resolve naturally with the passing course of time. If in case, the condition is not evaporating away on its own, a candidate has to go under the knife for the surgical procedure in order to have the breast tissues removed. During the pubertal phase of life, almost fifty to sixty percent of adolescent boys face the condition of developed breast tissues which, if not disappear naturally, need the surgical attention.

Hormones Play A Major Role:

Majority of individuals think this condition is only experienced by the obese people but in reality, excess fat is certainly not the only issue of the unusual growth of male chest region. This is because this condition is not merely the extra growth of fat contents around a man’s chest region, in some cases; it is actually the development of breast gland tissues. Excess breast gland development is caused by the imbalance of male and female hormones. Candidates who have higher estrogen levels and lower testosterone levels are most prone to develop male breasts.

Certain types of endocrine problems, prescription drugs and excessive alcohol consumption are all related to the symptom of male breast tissue. When it comes to consuming the alcohol, liver damage can be caused due to it.

Gynecomastia surgery cost in hyderabad

Surgery Is Best Way To Correct The Condition:

If the condition of enlarged breasts is only caused by the accumulation of excess fat tissues, most of the cosmetic surgeons recommend the candidates to try out different kinds of exercises and diet regime in order to improve the condition. If the condition doesn’t go away with the help of this non-surgical methods, one can go under the surgical knife for fat reduction surgery. True form of gynecomastia, on the other hand, can only be eliminated with the help of surgical procedure of removing the breast gland tissues. However, some believe that correcting the hormonal imbalance may help the condition of enlarged male breasts but for lots of men, aesthetic surgery is the only reliable way of treating the condition.

There are different kinds of surgical procedures for treating the condition. For instance, candidates who are experiencing the condition because of excess adipose tissues can gain the benefit of going under the advanced form of cosmetic fat reduction surgery which is a minimally invasive way to treat the condition. In some cases, more severe conditions require a combined surgical approach of the fat reduction surgery along with the excision of excess tissue and a breast lift to remove all the excess and saggy skin and tissues. Reduction procedure is quite similar to that of the breast minimization procedure However, a candidate can only get the most beneficial and suitable surgical course by reaching out to a well-trained and experienced aesthetic surgeon who is well familiar with the procedure of treating the candidates having the excess growth of chest region. Contact the surgeons of Harley Body Clinic in order to get the best help from them regarding gynecomastia surgery

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