What The Reasons For Undergoing Male Breasts Surgery?

What Are The Reasons For Undergoing Male Breasts Surgery?

Restore Confidence – Enlargement of male breast cause significant embarrassment which effect self-esteem in men. Gynecomastia surgery helps for providing more masculine appearance by improving confidence, self-esteem, self-image in men.

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Opens Wearing Of Better Fitted Clothes – Excess amount of breast tissues restricts men from wearing tight clothes, make them feel reluctance for taking their shirts off in public. This breasts reducing surgery helps to improve the contour of male chest and make them feel more comfortable no matter what they wear.

Improvement In Hygiene – female like male breasts often cause rashes in folds, creases in skin irritations along with other form of hygiene issues. Male breast reduction surgery helps to eliminate excess amount of breasts tissues by improving the hygiene of that specific area.

Reduction Of Discomfort – Enlarged male breasts cause uncomfortable, painful experience and might impede the performance at the time of any kind of physical activities. Removal of excess breasts tissues helps in improving the comfort, boost mobility and elevate man’s poor quality of life.

Grades Of Enlarged Male Breasts

Very Mild (Grade 1) – It has mild extra glandular tissues, fats. No extra skin is being noticed in the formation of puffy nipples.

Mild To High (Grade 2) – moderate with extra form of glandular tissues and fats are being noticed. Mild or moderate extra skins with full contour are seen. Slight sagging breasts are seemed.

High And Visible (Grade 3) – Very moderate extra glandular tissues and fats are seen. Moderate extra skin with full contour and mild saggy look are seen.

Severe To Feminine (Grade 4) – Severe glandular tissues with extra fats are noticed. Severe extra breast skin with female like male breasts. Such breasts hang very low.

Causes Of Enlarged Male Breasts


Gaining of weight.

Hormonal changes.

Dietary supplements.

Intake of certain medications, drugs, marijuana.

Certain health conditions like kidney issues, liver failure.

In some cases the reason of enlargement of male breasts are still not even apparent.

Ideal Candidacy

Men must be physically and mentally strong, stable and fit.

Men who are undergoing the surgery must be emotionally fit and strong.

Candidates must age between 20 years and above.

Those men who are embarrassed in taking their shirts off in public are ideal for undergoing the surgery.

Must have adequate skin elasticity.

Men those who are facing pain, redness and hot feeling in touch are ideal for undergoing the gynecomastia surgery.

Must have realistic expectations from the surgery for getting the desired results post the surgery. Men must weight significant weight or only 30% above the normal weight of the actual body

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